Legal Advice

Whether buying, selling or renting out a property on the Costa del Sol – or indeed anywhere else – legal advice dispensed by a proper lawyer specialized in real estate law is more than just an option – it is a necessity essential not just to safeguarding both your rights and money but ensuring you are aware of possible pitfalls and obligations as well.

Owning a home in another country need not at all involve risks and unknowns. Housing Marbella can help you get answer to any and all of your questions regarding the legal and fiscal aspects of your Costa del Sol property. We work with one of Marbella’s top lawyers in real estate law who is both ready and able to clarify any lingering doubts and point out any issues that might arise down the road leading to property ownership.

After finding your perfect home and even before having decided on a purchase, we will suggest you meet one of our lawyers in order to receive a brief explanation on Spanish property law and how it may pertain to the property you have set your sights on. This is a courtesy meeting, and as such free-of-charge: Feel free to ask our lawyers anything you want since you’re not on the clock! We consider it of the utmost importance that our clients receive all the legal information they might possibly need before signing a commitment to buy.


It is also essential to have an experienced lawyer do a thorough title search in order to determine the legal status of the property you are about to acquire. This is but a single element of the much more comprehensive due diligence process conducted, and concluded, before you and the vendor show up at the public notary’s office for the signing of the conveyance.

Our lawyers are also able to offer you an in-depth explanation of all the costs associated with buying or selling property in Spain and the regular taxes and fees you are expected to pay as a homeowner. Our legal counsellors hate nasty surprises as much as you do and will make double-sure there are none.


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