About Us

Buying and owning a home in Marbella or on the wider Costa del Sol should be a positive and experience memorable for its ease and simplicity.


Anyone may sell you a house on the Costa del Sol. However, at Housing Marbella we are  in the business of handing you the keys to the Marbella lifestyle. We aim for long-term relationships only and will not just guide you through the buying process, but will actively assist you in managing any and all aspects of your home. We are one of the select few Marbella real estate agents that actually possesses the knowledge, drive and willingness to offer truly turn-key solutions that enable homeowners to merely relax and enjoy while we take care of all the nuts and bolts.


When it’s time to sell your property, at Housing Marbella we stand ready to market your house or apartment to discerning buyers. We provide a realistic valuation and will indicate your prospects based on both price and up-to-date market conditions. We are a multichannel marketing firm and reach out to buyers across many different platforms both the conventional and the somewhat less orthodox. We do not just wait for a buyer to magically appear: We actually go to work for you and will not rest until the job of selling your prized property is done.

Who We Are

We at Housing Marbella can help you in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. All of us have spent a considerable time outside their home country: We know from personal experience how daunting it can be to set up a home in a new and perhaps unfamiliar place. This helps us help you: Housing Marbella – for when you want more than just bricks and mortar.

Pedro Carrasco (Director /Partner) – Pedro has been a realtor on the Costa del Sol since 1998. A native of Estepona, Pedro is fully fluent in English and French. Trained as a translator of legal and business documents, he has an eye for detail and a thirst for perfection. Pedro is motivated by a passion for excellence. His dynamic personality ensures smooth and timely transactions. He is Mr Efficiency personified.

Emile van der Ende (Director / Partner) – Emile is a rare sales professional who has managed to couple success to modesty. This may be due to his long stay in the Far East where he worked for various Dutch and Japanese businesses before settling on the Costa del Sol in 2002. Emile is a native of the Netherlands, born in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and grew up in Japan. As the antithesis of the pushy salesperson, he is a perfect fit at Housing Marbella where a sale is but a single point on a lasting trajectory of excellence in service.






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