Housing Marbella offers an extensive range of quality rental properties to discerning short-term or long-term renters. Our prime rental properties are found all along the Costa del Sol. We are happy to welcome long-term renters for both furnished and unfurnished villas, townhouses, penthouses and apartments.

Rent__by_SmilesAndxRegretsShort-Term Rentals

Visitors looking for a taste of the Marbella lifestyle outside the confines of a hotel suite may opt to rent one of our luxurious and fully-appointed properties. Available by the week, most of these villas and apartments are located close to local hot-spots such as trendy beaches, famed golf courses and fine boutiques.

Our short-term rental properties are kept in immaculate condition and are equipped to enable a stay devoid of stress and domestic chores. You just sit back and relax: We take care of all your worries.

As a full-service realtor, we take particular pride in offering the best service to all our clients, whatever their budget. Our portfolio contains short-term rental properties over a wide price range. Please feel free to contact us in order to book a stay in Marbella.

Long-Term Rentals

Feel like hanging around on the Costa del Sol; considering a permanent move or just gauging local opportunities? We may very well have the villa or apartment of your dreams available for rent right now. Why wait? Demand for prime rental properties is on the increase now that the Costa del Sol is yet again primed for economic take-off.

We have long-term rentals available in most Marbella districts and in adjoining municipalities as well. Beach side, mountain, golf or downtown: take your pick. We offer both fully furnished and unfurnished rentals. Drop us a line and let us help you settle in style and comfort.


Your second home on the Costa del Sol does not need to be a drain on your finances. Why not consider entrusting us with your villa or apartment so we can turn it into profitable proposition? Even if you’re not quite ready to forego the priceless pleasure of spending quality time on the Costa, we can help you defray costs by arranging for short-term rentals. By renting out your property by the week, you can rest assured that your second home is available whenever you fancy a trip south. It’s truly the best of both worlds and Housing Marbella stands at the ready to make it happen.

Going away for a longer while? We’re sorry to see you go but can help ease the pain by arranging for a long-term rental of your prized home. We vet our clients carefully, thoroughly and keep a sharp eye on your possessions throughout the rental period. What’s more, we will take care of all the paperwork involved. We can even help sorting out taxes owed and take care of any other official business while you are away. We believe in a hands-on approach when managing rentals, rather than wait for any issues to occur, we take pro-active measures ensuring your home is well taken care of and you may have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is in safe hands.

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