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picjumboAt any given time, well over ten-thousand properties are available for sale on the Costa del Sol, stretching east and west of Marbella. Finding the mansion, villa, townhouse or apartment that suits your needs, wants and expectations – and does so at the right price – becomes a daunting challenge. Needles in haystacks come to mind.

Luckily, the Spanish real estate market is well-organised and fairly easy to navigate. Most realtors have access to nearly all listed properties through online systems designed to foster cooperation. As a result of this, prospective buyers are free to select a real estate agency not just for the depth of its property portfolio, but for the quality and extend of the services offered.

At Housing Marbella we know from experience that an unrelenting dedication to service is the only way to survive and prosper in this most competitive of markets, and service is what we excel in.

The Buying Process

While we never grow tired showing off the beauty of Marbella and its unique lifestyle, we value your time and are loath to waste it. As you begin the search for your home on the Costa del Sol, we’ll be asking plenty of questions. Our curiosity is born out of a professional courtesy for your answers, which allow us to pre-select only those properties that closely fit your requirements. This way, you will not have to endure countless viewings of houses or apartments not matching your taste and preferences.

Our professionals will accompany you throughout your search. At Housing Marbella we table over 30 years’ worth of accumulated experience on the Costa del Sol and know this market inside out. We will expertly steer you away from pitfalls and possibly over-priced properties. We know how to obtain the best deals on the market while our expert lawyers will make sure that your peace of mind is never disturbed.


Once we’ve helped you find the perfect property, the real fun begins. Our after-sales service is second to none and the envy of many. No matter which type of property you acquire, we will take care of all the practicalities and legalities that homeowners usually face.


Buy a property in Spain

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